Adventure portable solar chargers for smartphones and tablets

What is the best solar charger for your phone, tablet, and other small electronics when off the grid? To find out, we took ten contenders and put them in head-to-head tests while on trips all around the country.

The JOOS Orange is The Best Portable Solar Charger that gives you all the solar power you need minus the compromises. Get as much solar energy as you need without having to wait hours on end. The JOOS Orange charges 3.5x faster than any other portable solar charger of the same price range. A must have for all modern travelers.
1hour of sun –> 2hours of talk time!
Fully Capable Solar Cells and Battery Pack
us-themThe JOOS Orange not only works in real-world light conditions (low light, in the shade and even light rain) it also captures up to 20 times more energy than other solar chargers. Thanks to a large 5,400mAh replaceable battery pack, the JOOS can hold solar energy that’s good enough to charge your smart phone several times. In fact, a power-hungry iPhone can even be charger about two and half times with the JOOS Orange!
Compatible with Virtually All Gadgets
Whether you need to charge your cell phones, smart phones, MP3 Players or even your iPad, the JOOS Orange is designed to juice up all personal electronics with free solar energy. Your USB Radio, DVD players and Night Vision Goggles are no match with the heavy-duty internal battery pack that will keep its charge for years. It even charges from your computer or any USB power source! Calculated from actual measurements of power generation (watts/sq. in) for Solio and JOOS Orange in full sun, you actually get 2 hours talk time on your 3G Phone with just an hour of full sun using the JOOS.
Keep Everything in Check with myJOOS
Want to know how much solar power you’re generating and/or consuming? Download the solar-chargermyJOOS app on your MAC or PC and get detailed information that’s unique to the JOOS Orange system. The application allows you to monitor what your JOOS Orange is doing in real time. And it’s all free to download at
Take the JOOS with You Wherever You Go
Built to last a lifetime, you can bring the JOOS Orange to all your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re camping or just moving about in the city, the JOOS is an essential part of any modern traveler’s backpack. It’s tough, super durable and waterproof. The JOOS Orange will take all the available solar energy in your area and turn it to useable solar power for all your personal electronics. Clearly, this is one of the the best-performing solar chargers under the sun.

The Poweradd Apollo 7200 mAh Solar Battery Charger  was the most pleasant surprise in our review. It is the size of a smartphone, and it will recharge your smartphone three to four times before needing to be recharged in the sun. Its solar panel is small but $_57high quality–however, it still takes about 50 hours to recharge in sunlight. While this sounds like a long time, we found it to be attainable, given that you have a large reserve of three to four smartphone charges and up to two tablet charges before draining the battery. As such, it gets our Top Pick award for a small, battery-included solar panel.
The best strategy with this charger, we found, was to charge our devices with it at night, and set it out all day in the sun, when possible. In this way, for a camp of about two people, we found we could get a week or more of charges for our smartphones and tablets–the battery would hold enough reserve charges that it replenished plenty fast, and we never ran out.
An even bigger surprise was watching how quickly the Apollo 2 charged our smartphones, only to be more stunned by the speed at which it charged our iPads. With two USB ports, one at 2.1 and the other 1.7 amps, this solar charger is fast, powerful, and efficient–and it all fits easily in your pocket.
Poweradd™ Apollo 7200mAh Solar Charger Portable Charger Backup External Battery Pack for iPhone 6 Plus 6 5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPads, iPods, (Apple Adapter not Included) Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3,Note 4 3 2, Poweradd™-Apollo-Pro-23000mAh-High-Capacity-solar-chargerTablets, Bluetooth Speaker,PS Vita,PSP, MP3 Players, Gopro Camera, SmartPhones and More Other 5V-USB Devices – Black
Poweradd Apollo2 10000mAh on ebay.
Poweradd™ Apollo Pro 23000mAh für Tablet PC, Netbooks, Notebooks, Laptops, Kompatibel mit Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Toshiba Notebooks, iPads, iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4(Apple Stecker werden enthalten nicht), Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Note 3 S4 S3, Android Phones, Android Tablets und andere Geräte
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